Pistons & Popcorn Movie Night

February 22, 2020 - 04:00 PM / 08:00 PM

Hagerty Pitlane

Saturday February 22nd at 4 pm we will be showing RUSH (this movie is rated R and might not be suitable for all audiences). We are asking for a minimum donation of $10.00 per person and all proceeds will go to our featured charity for 2020, GO BABY GO!

GO BABY GO Mobility impaired disabled kids receive battery powered cars to move around, along with any safety outfitting needed (padding and electronic controls)

The Resource Exchange, https://www.facebook.com/tre.org/ hosted the local GO BABY GO event last year, and we are working with them.

A special thank you to Hagerty Insurance who is providing free soda, water and popcorn as well as hosting the event at their wonderful Hagerty Pit lane event center.


4:00pm Event begins, mini C&C in parking lot

4:30pm Meet inside, grab soda/popcorn

4:50pm Settle in, Quick Announcements

5:00pm Lights go dark – Movietime

7:30pm Wrap up/Clean up

8:00pm Depart

Movie will start at 5 pm and pre-meet in the Pit lane parking lot will begin at 4.00 pm

So please come out and enjoy a wonderful movie for a wonderful cause.

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