Emich Track Day

Should you take your car to the track?

Most people who own some type of fast car have always wanted to “see what it can do”.  Of course, on the street this is NOT a good idea!  So what options are there to be able to see how fast or how well your car handles at speed?  Some people are really looking for a straight line speed  that can best be learned at the local drag strip.  Some people want to see how their car handles at speed.  This is best learned at a local road racing track.  Some people may want to drift their car.  This also is best done at a local track.

So what options are out there to go fast and, hopefully, be safe in the process?  Warning #1 – most insurance companies will NOT cover your car during ANY type of track activity!  However, there are companies out there who do provide track day insurance.  Be prepared to spend quite a bit on this type of insurance.  Regardless of the cost, if you are worried at all that something may happen to your car, get the insurance. Paying a couple hundred dollars vs. many thousands of dollars can sometimes make sense.
Option 1: Autocross  – high or low speed courses usually setup in a large parking lot with cones to mark the course. Only 1 car is allowed on a timed run at a time.  You compete against the clock.  Best time wins. Several of these events run throughout the year. Cost is very inexpensive.
Option 2: Track day at a local track.  Road race course or oval.  This option is easily available.  Cost can run anywhere from $100 to $600 per day. The size of the track determines how fast you can go.  Be prepared to slice and dice with many other drivers.  Be very aware of your surroundings, other drivers, the flag system, passing rules, and the proper way to drive the track.
Option 3: Drag racing – Multiple options exist for opportunities to see how fast your car is at the quarter mile.  Special events, test and tune times, and renting the track are all options.  Cost can be anywhere from $3 per run, up to several thousand dollars per day to rent out the track.
Option 4: Gokarting – try your hand at one of the higher-speed karting tracks.  Speeds can vary, but some tracks allow you to rent karts that can go over 100 mph. Most public tracks use electric or gas karts that can go anywhere between 45 and 60 mph. Cost can run anywhere from $15 to $60 per a set amount of laps.

If you are taking your car to the track, be sure to learn the rules, learn the track, and take it easy until you are used to the track layout and the way your car performs at speed.  Back to the formal question posed at the beginning of the article: should I take my car to the track? The answer is a resounding YES!

2015 Fireworks Car Show is a GO!

RMCC had a great meeting with the City of Westminster this week and the mood in the room was good!  They really liked how well the 2014 show went, and want us back again in 2015!   We will be doing more cars, more vendors, trophies, and door prizes, plus a strong request for no rain this year!

For those who didn’t make it out last year, it rained!  It rained hard!  However, it all cleared up around 6pm, and the night was a HUGE success!  We had space setup for 50 cars, and 37 showed in the rain!  The fireworks were outstanding on top of a great night.  The show is held ON THE GRASS at Westminster City Park, right under the fireworks show.

We will be updating the show website with more info and signup early in 2015.  FireworksCarShow.com

Some pictures from the 2014 show:

20140704_184007 20140704_184011 20140704_184034 20140704_184042 20140704_184046 20140704_184147

Lincoln College of Technology March 29th Show Review

The 3rd Annual Lincoln College of Technology Hot Rod Show turned out to be a really good show. The weather was a bit cool in the morning, by quickly warmed up to be a really nice day for a car show. We saw over 150 cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and yes, even a mini van on display. The cars were parked both inside the building and outside. Food, kids activities, and several vendor booth were all available.

Overall, it was a great show for this early in the car show season! We got to talk with many friends we have not seen since the end of the season last year.

lincoln lincoln2 lincoln3