What Makes a Good Car Show? Colorado’s Best Car Shows

What makes a good car show?

Number of entries?
Number of classes?
Cost to get in – free shows better?
Types of cars allowed?
“Extras” – live music, food, etc.?
Multi-day events?
National affiliation?

Name some of the good shows around Colorado!


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    • Number of classes and types of car! So many times I went to shows and they say “yes bring your truck in we have a class” just to get my money it’s a lie! 2014 me and my friend did 31 shows between Trinidad to Green Mountain Falls to Greely and points in between. (Sometimes 2 shows in a day) We found out between 2014, 2015 and the start of 2016 shows the older people in Colorado either hate anything above when they were born (ie… The Abby show 2 weekends ago) nothing over 1970 won and several of these shows are like that don’t take my money if you won’t judge me go my work! Also I’ve seen 10 -20+ groups for cars but they put every truck in the history of trucks in one group! How is a 1949 Ford truck, 1970 GMC truck, 1990 Chevy and a 2016 gonna compete against each other they don’t do it with cars!

  1. If you want a great Car Show, head down to the Fall Harvest Car Show in beautiful downtown Fort Morgan, Colorado on the third weekend in September every year. Free music on Friday and Saturday nights, a beer garden on Saturday, no Year limit on vehicles. We wanthot rods, street rods, custom cars, trucks, race cars. Judging is by participant for the Top Fifty. One vehicle participating gets you one ballot. Door prizes throughout the weekend. Cruising your ride on Saturday night might get you a free gas card. For more information, contact “Doc” Kallsen at 970-867-8001 or at 970-370-3506.

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