2016 4th of July Fireworks Show is Official!

Thanks to an amazing turnout for the last two shows, the City of Westminster has asked Rocky Mountain Car Club to put on the 3rd annual Fireworks Car Show!  Like last year, this event is limited to 100 spots.  Last year we managed to squeeze in 115 cars due to some added cars from some of our sponsors.  If you have not attended either of the last two shows, you really missed out on some fun.  The fireworks show put on by Westminster is second-to-none in the state!  In addition to the show cars, there is a stage with live music, food, kids activities, and more.

The website: FireworksCarShow.com has all the information on the show and online registration is open!  Our email blast sent out this morning (4/1/16) filled 45 of the 100 spots in less than an hour!  Needless to say, make sure you reserve your spot early.

Here are a few pictures from last year’s show!

IMG_1999 IMG_2002 IMG_2008 IMG_2010 IMG_2011 IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2018 IMG_2020 IMG_2021 IMG_2027


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