2015 Fireworks Car Show is a GO!

RMCC had a great meeting with the City of Westminster this week and the mood in the room was good!  They really liked how well the 2014 show went, and want us back again in 2015!   We will be doing more cars, more vendors, trophies, and door prizes, plus a strong request for no rain this year!

For those who didn’t make it out last year, it rained!  It rained hard!  However, it all cleared up around 6pm, and the night was a HUGE success!  We had space setup for 50 cars, and 37 showed in the rain!  The fireworks were outstanding on top of a great night.  The show is held ON THE GRASS at Westminster City Park, right under the fireworks show.

We will be updating the show website with more info and signup early in 2015.  FireworksCarShow.com

Some pictures from the 2014 show:

20140704_184007 20140704_184011 20140704_184034 20140704_184042 20140704_184046 20140704_184147

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