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The Colorado Car Show radio program
is on winter break. See you in the spring!

Our event calendar is still up and running!


Colorado Garage Nights

GO 4 It Racing Schools

Bandimere Speedway

Rocky Mountain Auto Show

Warbirds Over the Rockies - R/C Aircraft show in Fort Collins

ACE Design Studio

The Colorado Car Show was created to fill a gap in the current radio programming for car enthusiasts here in Colorado. We are here to talk about everything on wheels in Colorado!

Our format includes local car experts from many assorted fields, driving tips, reviews of vehicles, reports on upcoming and previous car, motorcycle, and truck events, information on how to buy anything on wheels, and so much more.

We are now actively seeking sponsors, segment hosts, and local car experts for the show. If you or anyone you know would like to be part of this incredible show, please
via email or call 720-539-0326.

Michael Pettiford - Host Cruisin' Susan Szollosi - Co-Host

Michael PettifordMichael, owner of
GO 4 IT Services, 
has trained thousands of students to drive cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, RVs, and ATVs.  If you need a basic driving class to get your drivers license, all the way up to your SCCA or MRA Roadracing License, driving instructor Michael Pettiford is the person to go to. Nobody has more SCCA divisional national championships in SCCA history - 32!

In 1985, Michael Pettiford started GO 4 IT Services, Inc., because he was not satisfied with the quality of the programs available through regular schools. Our mission is to be the best in quality private instruction for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and RVs. GO 4 IT Services takes safety and performance to a higher standard, and teaches the techniques that the top drivers in the nation are doing. This driving school teaches people the sequence, step by step, that allows them to be better prepared for emergencies, and to avoid all accidents. Over the years, Michael has been successful at racing cars, motorcycles, trucks, and ATVs, and has designed a program governed by the laws of physics, not merely what is required by law as a minimum standard.

Feel free to learn more about Michael by visiting his GO 4 IT Services website.

Susan SzollosiMeet Cruisin Susan Szollosi, a long-time friend of Michael’s, she comes to us representing what she refers to as, the “other” world.  The world of moms who ride the brakes through school zones, send their pimply-faced teens out behind the wheel for their first dates, and even struggle with aging parents who need to be retrieved four hours away past Steamboat Springs, lost on the way to their driving test.
Susan has raised four, “driving/driving-me-crazy-kids”, bites her lip ‘til it bleeds while riding shotgun with her husband, and even wishes she had waited two seconds longer before backing out of the garage before the door was fully open.  Susan adds a completely different perspective to the show than her expert Host, Michael Pettiford, and she’s not afraid to ask the questions you might be wondering about, even if Michael rolls his eyes from time to time.
Susan grew up in Detroit, Michigan, just two blocks from the famous Eminem.  Yes, in a different generation, but 8 Mile, nevertheless.  She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Art Education and taught for a while before raising a family that zapped her into a whole new world.  She presently works part time in Business Development at her husband, Alex’s tenant-finish construction company, MAX Construction, Inc., in Denver, still manages to volunteer in many worthy organizations, and is currently writing her first book.  She loves her life and wouldn’t trade a thing.


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